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Ideas (

App nameDetailsRemarksVote - Interest Day 0.FINAL VOTE (who does what)git repo
Soccer LeagueRegister Teams, Players, start a season, track matches (author) - results (public) JCH  
Video chatsSkype like chat including video (based on web rtc) - poc for gwt had been done already APCH, DL  
App Creatoradd columns, actions with wizard/ form/ drag&drop rather then by  configuration hierarchy.
Input please: Concept - App Creator2  
 CZ,FG,EHE,JCH, MGCZ,FGinternal/appcreator
Dialog CreatorDrag & Drop CZ,EHE, EJEHE 
Black Jack  APCH  
Groovy consoleuse fancy vaadin add ons (ace editor)    
Dashboardrenamed from console: Idea is to use vaadin charts to display system info (memory consumption or number of items in jcr workspaces etc....) in a dashboard like stylecharts might be vaadin pro account onlyDL, SPDL, SPinternal/dashboard-app
PIPEA web scraper that periodically pulls information from a web address (RSS, web service) (or a specific dom element on a page) and store to JCR node. This enables easy construction of pages that synthesize information from anywhere on web.Possibly create interface to   
Planning Pokerui customization, branding, test multi user setup: one user hosts a session, others can join, vote,...    
Template Editorcode high lightening etc - especially for ftl's. Basically a replacement for need to ship that anyway.FG,JCH,EJEJ 
Template AppBrowse templates, edit templates in a classic item SubApp, see preview/thumbnail of templates. Provides "Template Chooser" to other apps.
Advanced item subApp provides GUI template editor. Drag&Drop areas? Could page editor be repurposed to be a template editor? 
PDF Viewereither standalone or embedded (possibility to open several pdf viewers) - javascript tool is around EJ  
Google Analytics visualisationuse vaadin charts to display -
Teresa has worked on a 4.5 based google analytics module.
 APCH, DLAPCHinternal/sandbox/app-gavis.git
Advanced workspace viewer (graph)

Graph of a workspace.

Nice SVG visualization library: Tree layout, Treemap, Sunburst

 CZ,FG, SP  
All In -
Website Importer
You enter website URL, and the depth of links to follow.
The App scrapes the website for assets, text, links, html, css, js. The app analyzes the content and attempts to reconstruct website in magnolia.
Obviously over-ambitious - but a useful sub task is simply grabbing all image resources and adding them to dam workspace / Assets app.
Admin for Distributed Computing AppUsers would download a client where processing needed by the server owner -  could be passed off to willing clients. SP  
Twitter management appDecide which users or hashtags you want to include in a stream - and have ability to display tweets in a component.
Migrate frisbee module to m5. Frisbee Module
Look at planet magnolia, similar? - could migrate it to m5 and add twitter? Concept Magnolia Planet Planet RSS



User preferences app     
Faceted search configuration appEnable you to create searches which could then be used to populate a component with many items returned by the search. Like MBC page.
Concept - Resources Module / Faceted Search / SolR 
*********************** APP IDEAS ADDED AFTER VOTE ********    
Native Mobile App ExporterExport a static or semi-static skeleton of a Magnolia site, including necessary boilerplate to create native apps for IOS, Android, Windows mobile, etc via PhoneGap.
Extra credit - Actually integrate Phonegap build service so you can create the native app directly from magnolia app.
Link Checker

App for checking broken external links. Common RFP request. While Magnolia CMS takes care that internal links don't break, external links often break unnoticed.

  • Integrate an existing crawler such as wget or curl.
  • Crawl through URLs in stkExternalLink components and in CKEditor external links
  • Identify broken links (404).
  • Report the results to the user in the Pulse.
  • Allow the user to launch ad hoc crawls or scheduled crawls.

A) Granular config app /

'Config isolator'


B) 'Config isolation mode'

zoom, granular view in config browser subapp.


  • At present all modules>apps are viewable as a list under Modules in Configuration.
  • The granular config app allows you to open a module in a details subapp and see only that module config.
  • From here, you can continue opening details subapps for actions, action bar, workbench config etc.

  • Option: Each details subapp features an action that implements the change, meaning user doesn't have to refresh each detail subapp in turn, in order to view the changes (made "elsewhere' ).

  • Option: User can only work in one subapp at a time, meaning that a freeze is required. To navigate away from the (details) subapp, user has to submit the change. This is to prevent conflicts, user confusion.


Variation (expansion of existing functionality as opposed to an 'app')

In-app zoom for Config app; hoist effect where you can simply isolate in the config subapp the module/app you want to work with. This does not require additional details subapps and has benefit of changes being immediate.



Translate Magnolia UI to another language.

  • Create an app that edits i18n key values.
  • Read English properties files and render a spreadsheet-like editable view for translators
  • Export the translated the strings back to properties files.
  • Integrated patch submission mechanism: "Send your translation to Magnolia"
i18n in Magnolia 5   



Required git repos

-> tell Greg or Daniel what app's we're going for, they'll create the repos.

It could make sense to have a generic parent repo that anyone can add experiments to as sub directories.


Module starter pom

Below is attached the pom file that was used when moving the showcase app to its own module, in internal/sandbox repository. You may use it as a starter for your apps if you want.

You may also use the following package structure:

  • ...


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  1. STOIC is a project that does what we want to do with the excel to app idea, just in the cloud. Here is a list of apps that their customers have already built, maybe it is an inspiration for more business oriented apps? (hint hint (wink))

    • Accounting
    • Applicant Management
    • Application Platform
    • Bill Management
    • Blogging
    • Bookmarking
    • Calendaring
    • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Collaboration
    • Communications
    • Community Management
    • Contacts Management
    • Content Management
    • Content Reader
    • Crowdfunding
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Customer Support
    • Device Management
    • Diagramming
    • Discussions
    • Electronic Signature
    • Email
    • Email Automation
    • Email Marketing
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Event Management
    • Expense Management
    • Field Services Management
    • File Sharing
    • Financial Market Data
    • Flight Management
    • Gamification
    • Human Capital Management
    • Identity Management
    • Indexing
    • Instant Messaging
    • Integration
    • Inventory Management
    • Issue Tracking
    • IT Services Management
    • Load Testing
    • Logging
    • Media Processing
    • Message Queue
    • Mind Mapping
    • Mobile Analytics
    • Mobile Forms
    • Mobile Infrastructure
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Mobile Messaging
    • Mobile Notification
    • Mobile Payment
    • Music Streaming
    • NoSQL Database
    • Note Taking
    • Online Analytics
    • Online Auctions
    • Online Commerce
    • Online Coupons
    • Online Forms
    • Online Learning
    • Online Marketing
    • Online Monitoring
    • Online Payment
    • Online Surveys
    • Online Utilities
    • Optimization
    • Photo Sharing
    • Presentation
    • Procurement
    • Product Management
    • Project Management
    • Referral Marketing
    • Sales Automation
    • Search Advertising
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Analytics
    • Social Marketing
    • Social Networking
    • Source Code Management
    • SQL Database
    • Staff Scheduling
    • Subscription Management
    • Task Management
    • Telephone Verification
    • Time Tracking
    • URL Shortener
    • Video Hosting
    • Virtual Call Center
    • Web Analytics
    • Web Conferencing
    • Workflow Automation

    Wow - that is a great concept. What are most apps at their core? Data or Content. How do most people interact with data? Spreadsheet.

    I like that it delivers a lot of the basic app "stuff" out of the box - and then I assume you would be able to tailor the interface - build out a custom front end if you needed to.