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Rough Notes:

A substantial effort should be made on demos.

  • Demos serve multiple purposes:

    • Look cool.

    • Demonstrate what the feature / functionality is.

    • Demonstrate that something can be done. (Good for evaluators / sales)

    • Demonstrate how something can be done. (Acts as documentation)

  • Simple examples

  • Inspiration:

    • Think of Jquery & Vaadin sampler.

  • Demos could come with a bit of an explanation describing

    • What the goal was - what the problem to solve was.

    • The approach

    • The technogies used

    • How it was done.

  • A video can show how it works and go over this meta information very convincingly.

  • Some advanced tutorials

  • Because demos are so important - there should be a solid pattern, and it should be easy to contribute them based on the pattern.

    • Internal devs and community must be able to contribute. (Vaadin add-ons)

    • Think of all the cool magnolia conference demos - there should be a way for folks to contribute sample code as well. (Probably based on specific bundles - so they can be run in the future.)

  • Standardized demos make them easier to create - but also easier to consume for learners.
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