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To setup your Maven environment, see Maven setup.


We have a whole bunch of repositories. Most names should be obvious, here are a couple of notes for the not-so-obvious:

  • thirdparty.* - we have four thirdparty repos: 1) for stuff that's not available elsewhere at all 2) (.customized) for stuff that's available but that we've modified/patched 3) (.licensed) for stuff that's not available on central repo for licensing reasons but is otherwise free of use (typically javax packages) 4) (.private) for stuff that's not available elsewhere because it is not free software (crx for instance)
  • jboss.thirdparty.hosted - we can't proxy jboss.thirdparty, for there are too many "suspicious" things in there. We're thus using procurement on this repository to allow only very specific artifacts.

Staging repositories statuses/actions

  • open: one can deploy artifacts in this repo
  • closed: no more deploys, artifacts are ready to be validated (rules can be applied upon closing to ensure we can't close a repo without javadocs, for example)
  • drop: staging repo is trashed, release is cancelled
  • release:
  • promote: