This version modernizes a few things: API compatibility checks, test coverage, conventional support for integration-tests, as well as Java platform compatibility.



  • Support for API compatibility checks, with japicmp. [BUILD-407]

  • The integration-tests profile segregates execution of unit vs. integration tests, running with surefire and failsafe plugins, respectively, according to a package convention.
    Failsafe includes test classes by package include: it/**/*.java, for example, within the usual src/test/java source root. [BUILD-421]


  • Verify compatibility with older platform versions with javac --release argument (replacing animal-sniffer).
    Support javaVersion without the initial 1. [BUILD-426]

  • Clover has been open sourced. GroupId and artifactId have changed, you may need to update your plugin configurations. [BUILD-433]


  • CVE mismatch for Google HTTP Client, mistaken for Apache’s. [BUILD-411]

  • CVE mismatch for Jackson version shaded by DL4J. [BUILD-425]

  • animal-sniffer failure because of non-existent signatures on modern JDKs. [BUILD-426]

  • CVE mismatches for Guava version shaded by DL4J [BUILD-429], dhowden/tag [BUILD-430], FlatBuffers [BUILD-432], Magnolia Tasks app [BUILD-440]

Known limitations

  • (warning) API compatibility checks may be inconsistent for reactors [BUILD-438]


Upgrading should be straightforward. Core artifacts start being updated with the Magnolia 6.2.7 release.

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