• Introduced version management as well as configuration to allow smoke testing for CE & dx-core images via fabric8’s docker-maven-plugin. [BUILD-895]

  • Duplicate finder Maven plugin: a maven plugin to find and flag duplicate classes and resources on the java classpath. The plugin is configured to run during the verfiy phase. It detects duplicate classes on the compile time and runtime classpath and fails the build if it detects any duplicates. Details about the duplicates are logged to the console and to a xml file in the module’s target directory. The test classpath, resources and classes from artifacts listed under </ignoredDependencies> are not checked. The </ignoredDependencies> tag lists artifacts that have known duplicates beyond our control. Each entry under </ignoredDependencies> contains a brief comment stating the reasons for why the artifact is ignored. For example org.glassfish:javax.json contains a copy of the json API that is also contained in javax.json:javax.json-api. Modules may use the </exceptions> tag to list specific duplicates that should be ignored. Ideally this is only a temporary measure until a fix has been implemented or the dependency is "promoted" to </ignoredDependencies> in the super pom.


  • Various plugin updates. Most notably

    • Update dependency org.owasp:dependency-check-maven to new minor v7.4.4


Upgrading should be straightforward. Core artifacts will start being updated with Magnolia 6.2.28 release.

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