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The app is installed by the Content Translation Support module.

The Content Translation app allows you to manually export and re-import page content in translation-friendly XLIFF, CSV and Excel formats. You can then send it to your translation office and import the translated content back. The generated output file includes context information and a link back to the page to facilitate translation.



The Content Translation app is installed by the Content Translation Support module. The app is based on the content app framework so its configuration is typical of any content app. The app is configured at /modules/content-translation-support/apps/contentTranslationSupport.

Node name






The Content Translation app operates on the website workspace. 

Node types

The Content Translation app operates on the mgnl:page node type.


1 Comment

  1. It might be worth mentioning that if the site that is bound to the page/hierarchy you're trying to export doesn't have any other languages assigned to it (in site configuration), exporting content from this app will yield an empty zip file.  It's somewhat understandable why this happens, but there should probably be an error message returned to the user indicating why the request doesn't make sense.  It took me a minute to understand why that was happening when I was trying to export content from our American site (which currently only supports English) to be translated for our Chinese and Japanese sites.  When I temporarily added Chinese and Japanese to the American site, I was able to export successfully.  (This is in EE Pro 5.4.7, if that makes a difference)