See Categorization for more information about using the module.

The Categorization module allows you to create hierarchical categories and tag articles and content with them. When applied to content, categories create a taxonomy - a set of metadata that describes and classifies the content. Categories are displayed as links in the article header or as a weighted list known as category cloud. By clicking category links, visitors can discover related content, resulting in more page views and longer stays on the site.


The categorization module is ready to use and no initial configuration is necessary. The module is configured in /modules/categorization.


Enterprise users can download the Categorization module from Magnolia Store or Nexus repository.


Categorization is a Community Edition module (4.1 and higher) and is typically automatically installed. Go to Magnolia Store > Installed modules to check. To install the module individually, see the general module installation instructions.


See the general module uninstalling instructions and advice.


See Categorization.

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