Magnolia 4.5 reached end of life on June 30, 2016. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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Features are components that center around user interaction. They allow users to contribute content to the site and discover content of interest through related linkage.


  • Component with frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Component definition: stkFAQ

FAQ Entry

  • Single question and answer pair in an FAQ.
  • Component definition: stkFAQItem

Site Map

  • Map of all pages on the site. This is a navigation aid, not an XML sitemap.
  • The  Google Sitemap module can create a sitemap for search engines.
  • Component definition: stkSiteMap


  • Displays existing page comments and a form for visitors to leave new comments.
  • Component definition: stkComments


  • Alphabetical index of glossary terms.
  • Index is compiled automatically.
  • Component definition: stkGlossary

Glossary Letter

  • Single letter in the glossary index.
  • All terms starting with the letter are listed in this component.
  • Component definition: stkGlossaryLetter

News Overview

  • News overview component shows a list of latest news.
  • Each news items is a page with a News template applied to it.
  • Component definition: stkNewsOverview

Image Gallery

  • Thumbnail gallery of images.
  • Clicking an image opens it in a lightbox that allows paging through the collection.
  • Component definition: stkImageGallery

STK Search Result

  • Results of a keyword search.
  • Snippets of article text are displayed with search term matches highlighted.
  • Component definition: stkSearchResult

Events Overview

  • Events overview displays upcoming events.
  • Each event is a page with the Event template applied to it.
  • Component definition: stkEventsOverview

Category Overview

  • List of articles tagged with the category the user selected.
  • This component is used to discover more content that the reader is interested in.
  • Component definition: stkCategoryOverview
  • List of categories that editors have linked to the selected category.
  • Another component that supports browsing by interest.
  • Component definition: stkRelatedCategoriesLinkList
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