The Frisbee module is a pure STK-based module, developed to facilitate easy social networking that is essential for SEO.


  • Detailed usage instructions on installation.
  • Self-explanatory demo-website.
  • New Frisbee theme.
  • Multiple STK paragraphs for seamless integration with:
  • Google Map (v3) integration (single and multiple marker maps).
  • Flickr Slideshow, with custom query builder (tags, full-text search, author based search..).
  • Facebook integration (SDK, iLike button, meta tags that readvalues from page properties).
  • ShareThis and AddThis integration.
  • Twitter integration (last tweets and last n tweets pargraphs , tweet this and reTweet buttons).

See: Frisbee


Download the Frisbee module from the Magnolia Store.


To install the Frisbee module, see the general module installation instructions.


See the general module uninstalling instructions and advice.

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