The Inplace Templating module allows you to display and edit templates directly in AdminCentral.

Inplace Templating is also useful when you need to make a hot fix to a template. You would work on a template fix on your local development system, and instead of immediately deploying a new jar/patch/instance (not always possible, e.g. if you just run a campaign and your failover machine broke down) you use the module to change the template directly on the running instance – no reboot necessary – and do a full deployment at a later time.

The templates are available in STK > Templates.


Download the In-place Templating module from Magnolia Store or Nexus repository.


In-place Templating is a community edition module included in the Standard Templating Kit bundle and typically already installed. Go to Magnolia Store > Installed modules in AdminCentral to check. To install the module individually, see the general  module installation instructions. In order to use this module, the STK needs to be installed.


See the general module uninstalling instructions and advice.


 Introduction to templating tutorial describes how the Magnolia template mechanism works and walks you through creating your first template. Examples are provided for JSP and FreeMarker.

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