Magnolia 4.5 reached end of life on June 30, 2016. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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Public User Registration (PUR) components allow site visitors to register themselves on the site. The system creates a public user account for the registered visitors. The login, logout, password retrieval and profile update mechanisms then use the registered account. Public users can be granted permissions such as access to a members-only area of the site or the ability to comment on pages. Registration, profile update and password retrieval are preconfigured forms delivered as components. They integrate with the Mail module to send confirmation messages. A full range of PUR components are provided by the Standard Templating Kit and a limited number of basic components are provided in the Public User Registration module.

STK Form components


  • User user profile registration form.
  • Only available on the Public Users Management template.
  • Added as a component. Does not need to reside on its own page.
  • Field components that can be created within the form are limited to registration-specific components.
  • STK component definition: stkPURRegistrationForm
  • PUR component definition: userRegistration

Password Retrieval Form

  • Enables users to retrieve their password via email.
  • STK component definition: stkPURPasswordForm
  • PUR Component definition: passwordReminder
  • Three available components:
    • username field component (mandatory)
    • submit button (mandatory)
    • password field

Login Form

  • Creates a login form.
  • STK component definition: stkPURLoginForm

User Profile Update Form

  • Permits logged-in user to update their own profile.
  • STK component definition: stkPURUpdateForm

  • There are three registration-specific fields:
    • Single line Text Field
    • Password
    • Submit button for Profile update or Logout component.
  • System expects to find the following field names:
    • username
    • password
    • passwordConfirmation
    • fullName
    • email
  • Displays in the header of all site pages.
  • Provided in the meta navigation area of the Home template.
  • STK Component definition: stkPURLink

  • Configurable to display any text, by default, the link displays the word 'login'.

Form Fields

  • When you add a User Registration, User Profile Update or Password Retrieval form a Form Fields Placeholder appears. Click to add the form fields.
  • Component definition: groupFields.

Members Area

  • Visible only to a logged-in user.
  • Component definition: stkPURIntranet

Submit button for profile update and logout

  • Displays when user is logged in.
  • Component definition: stkPURAuthSubmit

Submit button for registration, login and password retrieval forms

  • Displays when user is not logged in.
  • Component definition: stkPURNotAuthSubmit

PUR module components


Login Form

  • Creates a login form.
  • STK component definition: userLogin

User Profile Update Form

  • Permits logged-in user to update their own profile.
  • Component definition: profileUpdate

Registration component

  • User profile registration form.
  • Component definition: userRegistration

Password field

  • Single line password input or textarea.
  • Component definition: formPassword

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