Magnolia 4.5 reached end of life on June 30, 2016. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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What has changed since Magnolia 4.3

New features

  • Compare page versions (diff view, redlining) (EE). We have implemented a visual diff based on the rendered HTML output. It is available in the version list and in the workitem dialog from the inbox.
  • Translation export/import (EE). Export and import of translatable text to and from Excel/CSV files. The export uses dialog configuration to determine what should be exported and what not. The exported file includes links to the pages, the last modification date and the title and label used in the dialog.
  • Concurrent editing notifications (soft locking/collaboration) (EE). Displays a notification message if another user has opened a page for editing. Other users currently editing the page are listed, including time passed since they started editing the page.
  • Deletion approval and undo. Immediate de-activation of content on deletion was always problematic. Now content is marked for deletion and the change has to be activated just like other changes to content.
  • De-activation uses workflow. Similar to activation, de-activation uses now a publishing workflow.
  •  Multi-step forms. Enhancement of the form builder. Now you can build wizard-like multi-step forms. Each step is created as a subpage. Each step validates the user input. Progress status is kept in the session. The concept is based on the new early paragraph execution mechanism.
  • Dependency management of content elements (EE). We display a warning message on deletion in case other pages reference the deleted content. The workitem dialog displays the referenced content and its activation status, so that the user can verify if he has to activate the dependent content first (DMS images for instance).
  • FCKEditor. We updated to 2.6.6. The most interesting feature in this version is Web-based spell checkers. Another nice enhancement is that you can now use DMS images in FCKEditor content.

Technical improvements

  • ModeShape support. Magnolia can now be backed with the ModeShape, a JBoss JCR repository implementation. It is working but still experimental.
  • Early paragraph execution. Paragraphs sometimes want to execute logic before the page rendering starts. This is needed to perform operations like forward and redirect. This is now possible due to a new filter which executes the model in an early phase. This enabled us to build multi-step forms.
  • Caching/Gzip Big files are now streamed directly and not kept in memory anymore.
  • Filter dispatching and configuration The main filter is now also dispatched on include. This opens yet another range of integration patterns and ensures the our context always has the latest request and response. The configuration now has not only a bypasses configuration but can also have a dispatching (request, error, forward, include) and mapping (similar to servlet) configuration. We have also fixed several request/response wrapping issues.
  • Configuration extends override Since Magnolia 4.3 you have been able to use the extends feature to extend configuration. Now you can use a override value to break the chain of inheritance.
  • Limit query results The query API was extended so that you can limit the result. This increases performance dramatically.
  • Bundle tomcat 6.0.29

Standard Templating Kit

  • Update of the javascript libraries (jQuery 1.4.4)
  • Far future caching of themes
  • Teasers in teaser groups are counted independently

Important bugfixes

We have closed more than 150 Jira issues, here are some of the most relevant:

  • MAGNOLIA-3390: Out of memory exception during activation of large data sets
  • MAGNOLIA-3014: Call to response.getOutputStream() during the rendering process failed
  • MAGNOLIA-2677: Caching big content may cause OutOfMemoryError
  • MAGNOLIA-3338: Context is not updated on include request
  • MAGNOLIA-3337: Request Wrappers hide changes in upstream wrappers


Please check the aggregated changelog.

Released Modules

  • DMS 1.5.1
  • Data 1.6
  • Form 1.2
  • Resources 1.4
  • Public User Registration 1.3
  • Standard Templating Kit 1.4
  • Imaging 2.1
  • Extended Templating Kit 1.4
  • Advanced Cache 1.3
  • Content Diff 1.0 (new)
  • Soft Locking/Collaboration 1.0 (new)
  • Content Dependencies 1.0 (new)
  • Content Translation Support 1.0 (new)
  • Transactional Activation 1.2
  • LDAP 1.4.1


Finally we want to especially thank Aperto (diff view), MediaCatalyst/Sony Europe (translation export/import) and fastforward (FCKEditor update) for their substantial contributions.

The Magnolia team would also like to thank everyone who reported issues, contributed patches, or simply commented on issues for this release. Your continued interest helps us make Magnolia better. Special thanks go to: Arjan Van Bentem, Chris Allan, Corin Moss, Danilo Ghirardelli, Ernst Bunders, Fabrizio Giustina, Hans Tobler, Henryk Paluch, Hugo Lumsdon, Jan Christian Haddorp, Jules S., Jörg Von Frantzius, Kimmo Björnsson, Matt Dertinger, Matteo Pelucco, Sean McMains, Stacy Wolters, Stojan Peshov and Will Scheidegger.

How to update from Magnolia 4.3.8

You have to update your web.xml file as we are now dispatching the main filter on includes. (MAGNOLIA-3338)

        <!-- add the following line: -->

Please refer to the general update procedure page.

How to update from an earlier version of Magnolia

Please see the release notes pages for update instructions specific to each version following the version you are updating from; if you're updating from a fictional 1.2.3 to 1.2.6, for example, please read all release notes concerning the versions you are skipping (1.2.4 and 1.2.5 in this example).

Known issues

JBoss 5

There is an unfortunate issue, specifically when deploying under JBoss *5*: you will need to remove the Xerces jar from the Magnolia webapps: if deploying using war files, you can remove it from the archive, or with the following Unix command zip -d path-to-magnolia.war WEB-INF/lib/xercesImpl-2.8.1.jar. If deploying using an exploded directory, simply remove the WEB-INF/lib/xercesImpl-2.8.1.jar file. See MAGNOLIA-2577 for technical details.
If you get exception messages such as org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBException: Failed to create a new SAX parser and/or java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.xerces.parsers.XIncludeAwareParserConfiguration, this is the issue you're hitting.

Weblogic 10

When deploying on Weblogic 10, there is a version conflict while using commons-lang. While Weblogic-10 is distributed with commons-lang-2.3.jar, JackRabbit and Magnolia need at least commons-lang-2.4.jar. To resolve this issue, modify of Weblogic and add commons-lang-2.4.jar to the PRE_CLASSPATH. Since version 2.4 of commons-lang doesn't remove any methods, but only adds new API and fixes known bugs, there is no adverse effect from this change to the Weblogic installation.

Weblogic 9

The imaging module doesn't function properly due to conflict with a javax.imageio plugin bundled with this version of Weblogic. There is currently no known workaround for the issue.

Please see the list of known issues in the administration section for more details.