The Soft Locking module provides concurrent editing capabilities. Multiple editors can edit pages simultaneously and coordinate their activities within the authoring interface. Soft locking differs from JCR hard locking in that it stores information about who is editing content and this information is displayed as a warning to other users editing the same page. Whereas hard locking would prevent another user from editing the page, soft locking provides multiple-user access to content and facilitates efficient content contribution.


Download the Soft Locking module from Magnolia Store or Nexus repository


Soft Locking is an enterprise module included in the Enterprise Edition bundle and typically already installed. Go to Magnolia Store > Installed modules in AdminCentral to check. To install the module individually, see the general module installation instructions.


See the general module uninstalling instructions and advice.



The module is configured in /modules/softLocking/config


  • class: Fully qualified name of the class containing the business logic. DefaultSoftLockingSupport Implements soft-locking support using a shared hashmap to store application-wide status of locked content.
  • enabled: Enables and disables the module. To disable, set to false.
  • jQueryNoConflict: Ensures no jQuery conflicts.
  • timeoutSeconds: Time in seconds before a lock is released. The module checks periodically whether a user who started editing a page is still editing it. If the timeout has passed and the user is no longer editing, their username is removed from the list of current editors.


Indicators and warnings prevent editing overlap and facilitate collaboration.

If a single user works on the site, or multiple users work on different pages, the status indicator reads "Currently not collaborating".

When another user opens the same page, a notification flashes to collaborating users: "Users currently editing this page: <names of users>".

When multiple users work on the same page, the status indicator displays the number of users currently working. When you click the user icon, details of other collaborators display.

When a user saves a component, a message "User <username> has just saved this page" flashes to other collaborators.

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