Magnolia 4.5 reached end of life on June 30, 2016. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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Teasers are references to other site content and are typically found on section pages. Teasers gleam information from page abstracts and are normally used to promote and highlight topical, related content.

A teaser usually consists of a title, text and image which are picked up automatically from the teased target page. These default values can be overwritten by the editor.

Horizontal tabbed teaser group

  • Traditional tabbed style teaser group.
  • External and download file teasers are available.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserHorizontalTabbed

Internal page teaser

  • Tab item, single teaser to an internal page in a horizontally tabbed group.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserHorizontalTabitemInternalPage

External page teaser

  • Single teaser to an external page in a horizontally tabbed group.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserHorizontalTabitemExternalPage

Download file teaser

  • Single teaser in a horizontally tabbed group; teases a downloadable file.
  • Downloadable files can be stored in the document management system.
  • No restriction as to file type.
  • Mandatory Download field.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserHorizontalTabitemDownloadFile

Paging teaser

  • Teaser group that supports paging navigation.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserPaging

Single teaser

  • Single teaser to an internal page within a site.
  • Title is clickable and opens the target page.
  • With the exception of the stage and promos teasers, the image is also clickable.
  • Mandatory Page field
  • Component definition: stkTeaser

Teaser group

  • Multiple teasers in a group.
  • In all grouped teasers, internal teaser components are available as subcomponents.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserGroup

Opener teaser

  • Teaser opener to an internal page.
  • Used as the first teaser paragraph on a page that contains multiple teasers such a section page.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserOpener

Single feed list teaser

  • Lists selected collection of RSS Feeds.
  • Node name: stkSingleFeed

Combined feed list teaser

  • Merged feed of all RSS feeds in a channel.
  • Node name: stkCombinedFeed

Contact teaser

  • Renders contact details stored in Data module.
  • The Contact teaser is available in the main and extras areas.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserContact

Carousel teaser group

  • Multiple teasers in a group, navigated by horizontal sliding.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserCarousel

Carousel item teaser

  • Single teaser in a carousel teaser group.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserCarouselItem

Finger tabbed teaser group

  • Displays multiple teasers in a navigable element where the currently active teaser has a highlighted tab.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserFingerTabbed

Finger tabbed item teaser

  • Single teaser in a finger tabbed teaser group.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserFingerTabbedItem

News list teaser

  • Chronological list of latest news.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserNewsList

Events list teaser

  • Chronological list of upcoming events.
  • Sources the teaser items from pages based on the Event template. By default, the date, page title, location, time and abstract render for each teaser item.
  • Each teaser title is clickable and opens the target event page.
  • The ÒAll EventsÓ link at the bottom of the component opens the related events overview page, i.e. the first page up in the page structure based on the Event Overview template.
  • Component integrates with the Calendar teaser and the date of each event in the month is highlighted.
  • Mandatory Title field.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserEventsList

Pure link list teaser

  • List of links (internal, external, download).
  • Grouped link lists comprising of a title and list of links are available:
    • In the main and extras area in the Link List component and as and add-on in the Internal Teaser component. In the latter case, the link list is set up in the Link List tab of the dialog.
    • In the footer area.
  • Component definition: stkTeaserPureLinkList
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