Magnolia To-do List module is a simple module that adds an item in the tools menu of Magnolia's AdminInterface, showing a list of pages containing a todo note. This is useful for taking notes about things that still need to be improved in articles, documents and other content.


To-do List is a community module. It is not included in Community or Enterprise Edition bundles. Download it from Nexus repository.


To install the module, see the general module installation instructions.


See the general module uninstalling instructions and advice.


  1. Add a todo control into a dialog. Typically you would add it in the page properties dialog but you can add it to any dialog.
  2. Open the dialog and fill in the to-do message.
  3. View all to-dos for the site in Tools > TODO.

Extend the functionality by rendering the to-do message in a clearly visible box on the page. This way editors can immediately spot the task as soon as they open the page that has a to-do. Render the box only on the author instance, not on public!

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