The Activation monitor app allows you to monitor activations. You can access the app in Tools > Activation monitor.

The tool monitors:

  • Overview: Number of activations, deactivations, errors, committed and rollbacked transactions, activated content size and time needed for activation.
  • Activations per workspace: Number of activated items per workspace.
  • Public instance response: Maximum, minimum and average response time for each subscriber.
  • Activation log: Details of each activation. Can be filtered by user.
    Error log: Activation error log.


The Activation monitor app is based on the small app concept and installed by the Activation module. Access to the app is restricted to the superuser role in the app configuration and app launcher layout configuration. The app is configured at Configuration > /modules/activation/apps/activationMonitor.

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Logs are stored in memory.  MemoryActivationStorage is registered in the configuration at Configuration > /modules/activation/config/activationLogStorage. You can customize storage by extending the ActivationStorage interface.

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