The App launcher is the first page you see when you log into Magnolia. The launcher displays apps as boxes – also known as the app launcher tiles. A click on a tile will launch the associated app. Each tile has an icon and a label. The apps that have something in common belong to the same group.

The app launcher layout organizes apps into groups and defines what the groups look like. You can find the layout configuration in /modules/ui-admincentral/config/appLauncherLayout.

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  • <group name>: Name of the app group. This is an internal name not displayed to the user. The user sees the group label instead.
    • apps
      • <app name>: Name of an app that belongs to the group. The name must match the name given in the app configuration, for example pages.
    • clientGroup: Moves the group to the bottom of the app launcher and sets the groups color to white. Set the property to true when you create your own app groups. This way they stand apart from the Magnolia native apps and editors can identify them as your company's apps.  
    • color: Color of the group box. You can use any valid hex code, RBG value or color name. 
    • label: Text displayed on the group tile. Use a label that says something common about the apps in the group such as Edit or Manage. The system transforms all characters to uppercase.
    • permanent: Defines whether the group is displayed at the top (true) or bottom (false) in the app launcher layout. The default is bottom (false).
    • permissions: Defines which users can see the app in the app launcher.


The permissions node controls which users can see the app in the app launcher. The subnodes are roles. This allows you to provision the app to a limited group of users in your organization.

In this example, the Dev app group is provisioned to the superuser role only. The name of the role property name is arbitrary but the value must be a valid role name.

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