During the activation process Magnolia takes a copy of the current content on the public instance and stores it in the mgnlSystem workspace. The system rolls back any changes using the backup copy if transactional activation fails for some reason. If the activation succeeds, the system overwrites the current content with the activated content and removes the backup copy.

It is possible that something goes wrong while Magnolia is creating the backup copy. For example, the server process is killed or the server loses power. The following messages are symptoms that content got corrupted. Magnolia is unable to remove the backup content with a cleanup task that is executed on each startup.

WARN PUBLIC [main] info.magnolia.module.exchangetransactional.ExchangeTransactionalUtil: Removing backup copy of /demo-project from mgnlSystem, please verify that page was activated correctly to this public instance.
ERROR info.magnolia.module.exchangetransactional.XAReceiveFilter - Failed to cleanup backup of a1918662-8cbe-4346-ac5a-1b24a9950e2b. Activation of this content will not be possible until manual cleanup of mgnlSystem workspace is performed.

To resolve the issue, clean the mgnlSystem workspace yourself on the public instance. The cleaning tool is in the Activation Tools app.

The mgnlSystem  workspace should normally be empty if there is no activation in progress. After cleaning, make sure the website tree is OK on your public instance.
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