To design a great Magnolia app, there are important things you should know about the platform and user experience. 

First, what's an app?

App is a focused tool that let's you work on one task at a time. Apps perform a specific function such as editing a page. You can create your own apps to manage tasks that are important to your site, for example a content app to manage product data.

All apps are implemented using the app framework, whether they are native apps that ship with Magnolia or your own apps. For example, if you want to provide authors a feature that would allow them to manage products, you would build a new app to add this functionality to Magnolia.

Magnolia loves authors and you should too

When designing an app, the most important people to consider are those who will use regularly. The design choices you make will dramatically affect how happy and productive users are with your app. To help you check your design we provide App design guidelines:

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