The Diff module enhances Magnolia core versioning functionality. The module uses the daisydiff java library to compare two HTML files. Insertions are highlighted in green and deletions in red. Users can see exactly what has changed between two versions of the same content.  The module is used by the Pages app to compare page versions. Line-by-line text comparison and changes in asset selection allow editors and publishers to see at a glance exactly what has changed.  Diff functionality can also be enabled to compare changes to templates and resources edited in-line in the Standard Templating Kit.



The Diff module is bundled with Magnolia and typically already installed. You can download it from our Nexus repository.


Diff is a currently an Enterprise Edition module and typically already installed. Launch the Configuration app and go to /modules/diff to check.

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In most circumstances the Diff module requires no configuration.

(warning) Magnolia 4.5.10 / Diff 1.1.5+: You can configure default settings for headers, cookies, host and port. See Versions > Diff configuration.


For documentation on Diff module usage see:

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