This page is about (warning) DAM 2.0+. The way assets are registered and used changed. If you work with (warning) Magnolia 5.2.x or earlier, see Digital Asset Management module 1.x .

For more information about working in the DAM see Digital asset management. The DAM App module installs the Assets app.

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) module provides the functionality to manage assets such as images, videos and documents and use them on the website.

In (warning) Magnolia 5.3+ / DAM module 2.0+ there are sub modules:

  • DAM API: Asset interface definitions and asset provider registry.
  • DAM JCR: JCR implementation of the Asset API.
  • DAM App: Assets app module implementation and definition. 
  • DAM Templating: Exposes Assets and asset operations used in Freemarker templating.
  • DAM Core: Core functionality.
  • DAM Compatibility: Exposes the Magnolia DAM 1.x implementation to enforce compatibility between DAM module1.2.x and 2.x
  • DAM Preview: Adds thumbnail and portrait views for PDFs and videos. This is an optional module and is not installed by default.


All DAM sub modules, except DAM Preview, are bundled with Magnolia and typically already installed. You can download the bundle or individual sub modules from our Nexus repository.


DAM is a Community module. All sub modules, except DAM Preview are typically already installed. Launch the Configuration app and go to /modules/dam/dam-app, /dam-templating and /dam-jcr to check. (warning) The DAM API and DAM Compatibility modules are not registered in configuration and DAM Preview is an optional module that needs to be downloaded and installed separately.

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These modules are documented at:

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