Magnolia 5.3 reached end of life on June 30, 2017. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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Extra components are commonly used for content related to the main content. For example, if the main content is an event the extra content could be a Contact component that provides the name and address of the event organizer or a Next Events Teaser that lists other upcoming events. The component definitions are configured in STK > Template Definitions /components/extras.


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Teaser Group - Horizontal Tabbed

  • Multiple teasers in horizontally tabbed group.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasHorizontalTabbed

External Page Teaser

  • Teaser to an external page as a tab-item.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasHorizontalTabitemExternalPage

Internal Page Teaser

  • Teaser to an internal page as a tab-item.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasHorizontalTabitemInternalPage

Download File Teaser

  • Teaser to a download file as a tab item.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasHorizontalTabitemDownloadFile

Contact in Extras Area

  • Single contact info.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasContact

Calendar in Extras Area

  • A calendar element showing all events of the current month.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasCalendar

Latest News Teaser in Extras Area

  • A chronologically sorted list of latest news.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasNewsList

Extras Box Group

  • Allows you to add multiple extras into one group.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasBoxGroup

Next Events Teaser in Extras Area

  • A chronologically sorted list of next events.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasEventsList

Download File Teaser in Extras Area

  • Teaser to a download file.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasDownloadFile

Link List in Extras Area

  • List of links.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasPureLinkList

Download List Teaser in Extras Area

  • Teaser to a list of one or more download files
  • Component definition: stkExtrasDownloadList

External Page Teaser in Extras Area.

  • Teaser to an external page.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasExternalPage

Internal Page Teaser in Extras Area

  • Teaser to an internal page.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasInternalPage

Content Based RSS Feed in Extras Area

  • Generate RSS feed for Events, News or Articles.
  • Component definition: stkExtrasContentTypeRSSFeed
  • The Feed Root field allows you to select the parent page of the content to be included in the feed. This allows the feed to be limited to very specific content. For example if a news section in your page structure provides for /business, /sports and /entertainment news you can generate individual feeds for each category.
  • The Content subcategory field allows you to select the template on which the feed items are based. There are three options, article, event and news.

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