See Feeds for more information about using the app.


The RSS Aggregator app is installed by the RSS Aggregator module. The app is based on the content app framework and is a good example of extending the framework. The configuration of the browser and detail subapps are typical of any content app. The config supapp uses a custom subapp class, RSSAggregatorConfigurationSubApp. The app is configured at Configuration > /modules/rssaggregator/apps/rssAggregator.

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The Feeds app operates on the rss workspace that stores the feeds and related content.

Node types

The Feeds app registers the mgnl:rssAggregator custom node type. The app operates on nodes of this type and on mgnl:folder nodes.

#trackbackRdf ($trackbackUtils.getContentIdentifier($page) $page.title $trackbackUtils.getPingUrl($page))