Forms are used for content entry. Forms contain tabs that in turn contain fields. Form content is submitted by executing a form action.  You can define a form in a  dialog  and in the editor component of a detail subapp.

Class: ConfiguredFormDefinition

Here is a form in the detail subapp of the Contacts app .

Node name

















Here's the rendered form.


  • actions
    • <action name>: Reference to an action definition that submits the form. The value is the name of the action definition node.
  • form
    • tabs
    • description: Help text displayed when the user clicks the info button. Optional.
    • i18nBasenameMessage bundle for localized labels. The bundle can be defined at dialog, form, tab or field level. Optional.
    • label
      Field label displayed to editors. The value can be literal such as Product name or retrieved from the message bundle with a key such as products.product.label. Use alphanumeric characters in literal values.
    • name: Name of the form. Optional.
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