To log into Magnolia AdminCentral, go to:

  • Author instance - http://localhost:8080/magnoliaAuthor/.magnolia/admincentral
  • Public instance - http://localhost:8080/magnoliaPublic/.magnolia/admincentral

The generic form of the URL is http://<domain>:[<port>]/<contextPath>/.magnolia. It may be different on your system.

Demo user accounts






Full access. Equivalent to root account on Unix systems.



Editor. Write permissions to pages, documents and data.



Publisher. Read-only permissions to pages, documents and data.

Superuser is the admin account that has access to everything. Accounts eric and peter are created by the Workflow module. If you can't log in as eric or peter, log in as superuser and check if the Workflow module is installed in Magnolia Store > Installed modules.

To learn how to create your own accounts, see Creating users.

Accounts are automatically locked out after five failed login attempts. This number is configurable at Configuration > /server/security/userManagers.

Demo sites

A typical Magnolia installation ships with two example websites: demo-project and demo-features. They showcase most features in the product. The sites are available online at The demo is reset hourly so it is better to download and install a local copy Magnolia so you won't lose your work.

Removing the Welcome page

The Welcome to Magnolia page at localhost:8080 is an index page that contains helpful links to the author and public instances. Once you learn the direct AdminCentral URLs you should remove the Welcome page. Do not deploy it to a production environment.

To remove the Welcome page:

  1. In AdminCentral go to Configuration > modules/adminInterface/pages.
  2. Delete the quickstart node.
  3. On the file system, go to /<CATALINA_OUT>/webapps/ROOT.
  4. Delete the index.html file.

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