STK template scripts are in the classpath of the webapp. Copies are editable in-place in STK > Templates. STK scripts are written in FreeMarker.

The scripts are stored in child folders of the /templating-kit folder:

  • components contains component templates sorted by component type.
  • pages contains the main page script and area scripts in subfolders.

This structure follows the template prototype structure. Area templates referenced in the template prototype are stored in the /global folder.

Main script

main is the the master page script (Git). It is a good starting point to understand the system. It initializes the page editor on the author instance using the @cms.init directive. It also contains the logic to set the bodyClass and bodyID.

The main script calls areas to render themselves using the @cms.area directive. It renders the navigation using the #include directive. The main script wraps the areas in three DIV elements that creates a flexible page grid.

Area scripts

See STK areas for descriptions of STK area scripts.

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