The Standard Templating kit module installs the STK apps. See My first template and the STK documentation for more information.

Magnolia's Standard Templating Kit (STK) is a best-practice framework for creating websites. It builds upon the  generic templating mechanism . STK ships with configurable, production-ready templates for common use cases such as articles, news, events, sitemaps and image galleries, while letting developers and creative designers build completely custom sites. Templates can be written in JSP and Freemarker or another templating language.


The Standard Templating Kit module is bundled with Magnolia and typically already installed. You can download it from our Nexus repository


Standard Templating Kit is a Community Edition module. It is typically already installed. Launch the Configuration app and go to /modules/standard-templating-kit to check.

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Static HTML prototype

The static HTML prototype is a collection of STK page templates delivered as stand-alone HTML files. Referenced CSS and images are also included. The static prototype is aimed at creative teams who don't know how Magnolia works or have no particular desire to learn it. It allows designers to work on positioning, typography and color outside of Magnolia, using their own tools, in their own environment. Download the Static HTML prototype.

You can (and should) use the HTML prototype to develop your CSS. The advantages of this approach include:

  • See all possible variations of an element instantly
  • Perform CSS programming independent of Magnolia
  • Better testability
  • Faster turnaround

Whenever we enhance the STK, we add new HTML to the static prototype first. The static HTML is then tested on all supported browsers. Once the HTML has been perfected, templates are created.


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