Magnolia 5.3 reached end of life on June 30, 2017. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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Organize form fields that belong together into a tab. This makes filling the form straightforward and helps the user focus on one thing at a time. You can define a tab only inside a form definition . Tabs are displayed in the order which you define them.

  (warning) Each form requires  at least one tab. You cannot add fields without a tab.

Class:  ConfiguredTabDefinition

Here is an example tab in the Contacts app. The first tab contains fields about the person and the second tab about their address. 

Node name



















Tabs look like this when rendered:


  • <tab name>
    • fields
      • <field name>
    • extends: Path to another tab that you extend. Valid values are absolute and relative paths in the config workspace. Optional.
    • i18nBasenameMessage bundle for localized labels. The bundle can be defined at dialog, form, tab or field level. Optional.
    • label: Field label displayed to editors. The value can be literal such as Product name or retrieved from the message bundle with a key such as products.product.label. Use alphanumeric characters in literal values.
    • name: Name of the tab. Optional.
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