Template prototype contains default configuration for areas and navigation. The template prototype is a kind of "super" configuration. Whatever you define in the prototype applies to all pages of the site. For example, if you disable an area in the prototype then none of the pages will render that area anymore.

Best practice

Put commonly used things in the template prototype. For example, if most pages on your site have the same areas then define those areas in the prototype. Similarly, if most pages have the same navigation menu then define the menu in the prototype. This makes configuration efficient. You only need to define exceptions to the rule in concrete template definitions. Exceptions make page templates unique for particular purposes.

You can find the template prototype in the default site definition. All areas of STK's HTML skeleton are defined in the prototype. You can also define default behavior for navigation menus and reference the parent template script main.ftl which is common to all pages.

Node nameDescription








Definitions for all areas of STK's HTML skeleton.










Optional. CSS for styling all sites.


Optional. JavaScript for all sites.


Navigation menu definitions.






Reference to main.ftl template script.
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