Content view definition

A content view must implement  ContentPresenter , its definition class must implement ContentPresenterDefinition . Magnolia provides view implementations for JCR based data to display as list, tree, as thumbnails and one for search results (which is a list too).

The configuration snippet below shows content view definitions for the Magnolia provided implementations for JCR based data for tree, list, thumbnail and search.

Node nameValue























  - name: tree
    class: info.magnolia.ui.workbench.tree.TreePresenterDefinition
    columns: &myColumns
      - name: jcrName
        editable: true
        sortable: true
        propertyName: jcrName
        class: info.magnolia.ui.workbench.column.definition.PropertyColumnDefinition
      - name: status
        width: 45
        displayInChooseDialog: false
        formatterClass: info.magnolia.ui.workbench.column.StatusColumnFormatter
        class: info.magnolia.ui.workbench.column.definition.StatusColumnDefinition
      - name: moddate
        width: 160
        sortable: true
        displayInChooseDialog: false
        formatterClass: info.magnolia.ui.workbench.column.DateColumnFormatter
        propertyName: mgnl:lastModified
        class: info.magnolia.ui.workbench.column.definition.MetaDataColumnDefinition
  - name: list
    class: info.magnolia.ui.workbench.list.ListPresenterDefinition
    columns: *myColumns
  - name: thumbnail
    class: info.magnolia.ui.workbench.thumbnail.ThumbnailPresenterDefinition
  - name: search
    columns: *myColumns

The YAML example shows more details compared to the JCR tree definition. Note how the column definition from the tree view has been reused for the list and the search views.


Common content view properties - ContentPresenterDefinition properties



A presenter definition class extending ContentPresenterDefinition to define the type of the view.


required (not used for thumbnail view)

See Column definitions.


optional , default is no drag-and-drop capability

A drag-and-drop constraint class. By restricting the nodes that a user can move you can enforce a certain node hierarchy. For example, you might want to allow moving of content under folders but not folders under content. If the class is not defined, the view will have no drag and drop capability. When you write your own class, implement the   DropConstraint  interface.



Makes the workbench editable inline. You can double-click a cell to edit its value.

Inline editing is available only in the tree view, not in list, thumbnail or search views.

Definining a default action will override inline editing. Double-clicking the cell with trigger the default action instead of inline edit mode.



CSS class that identifies an icon used on the view tab. For available names see Icons.


optional , default is true

Defines whether the view is active.

TreePresenterDefinition additional properties


optional, default is false

(warning) Magnolia 5.4.2+; enables sorting the tree per column when clicking onto the header of a column.

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