Developing with Magnolia requires a minimal set of tools.

Front-end and templating

  • Text editor for editing YAML files and CSS and JavaScript resources.
    • Tip: Try the Cotoolz IDE add-on which validates input and assists when editing YAML.
  • Application server such as Apache Tomcat, included in the Community and Enterprise bundles.
  • Magnolia CLI is an npm package providing a command line interface to facilitate light development.

Back-end and Java

  • Java SE Development Kit
  • IDE such as Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA
  • Application server such as Apache Tomcat
  • Version control system such as Git.
  • Maven to manage project dependencies and build your project.


Cotoolz for Magnolia is an Integrated Development Environment built for Magnolia developers. It streamlines coding with rich editing for templates and dialogs:

  • Find errors while typing because your definition files are validated on the fly
  • Discover the Magnolia API using smart content assist 
  • Navigate through code using hyperlink detection

Cotoolz for Magnolia supports Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and IntelliJ WebStorm.

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