The DAM provides basic image editing functionality. You can edit all images, i.e. uploaded images and duplicates. Images are edited in the image editor.

Image editor

To open the image editor:

  1. Select an image.
  2. Click Edit asset in the action bar.
  3. Click  or Edit image in the Media field.
  4. The image editor opens in the same tab.

(warning) If you edit an image directly after upload, the edited image will be stored in the DAM and you will not be able to revert to the uploaded version without re-uploading. To retain the uploaded version, save it directly after upload and edit a duplicate.  

The image editor displays:

  • Image in full size. If the image is larger than the available screen, scroll bars display to the right and below the image.
  • Editing actions: Edits are executed sequentially, for example you can crop, then rotate, then crop again.
    • Crop: Crops the image. 
    • Rotate: Rotates the image 900 to the right with each click.
    • Flip: Flips the image either horizontally or vertically.
    • Undo/Redo: Reverts to the state before the previous edit action, or re-executes the previous edit action. During the editing process the action names change dynamically to indicate what will be undone or redone, for example Undo crop image and Redo rotate right.
  • Viewing actions:
    • Zoom: Zooms the image to fit the window or to the actual image size. (warning) Once you have scaled to fit you can continue to resize your browser and the image will continue to adapt dynamically.
  • Image size (in pixels) below the image.
  • Cancel editing and Save changes. Both actions close the editor and return you to the Asset dialog. The button names change dynamically to Crop image and Cancel after executing a crop, but for other editing actions they retain their default state.

You can edit a number of images simultaneously by opening the image editor in multiple tabs. This is useful when making the same edits to many images, for example cropping to the same size or flipping.

Editing images in other apps

You can edit images directly in other apps that use them. For example in the Contacts app. The procedure and actions are identical to those in the Assets app and function in exactly the same way.

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