As Magnolia currently does not provide serialization of classes for HTTP clustering, persistence of HTTP sessions is disabled by default ((warning) Magnolia 5.4.8+) in the configuration of the Tomcat container which is bundled together with Magnolia. Disabling session persistence will remove the warning from the logs. To disable the persistence in Tomcat bundled together with a previous version of Magnolia, please follow the instructions available at the website (

Session persistence settings in other types of containers:

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  1. Will Magnolia at some point support Session Persistence, i.e. implement Serializable correctly?

  2. Hi Vivian, 

    I really hope that we will have session persistence in this or that form in the observable future. The biggest blocker in the past was the presence of Guice Injectors and related objects, which are not serializable by design, in http session, . Situation is better now, http sessions only contain business objects. It is still quite a task to accomplish, but at least it does not seem impossible anymore.