The Magnolia Silverpop module is a connector for IBM Marketing Cloud, formerly known as Silverpop, acquired by IBM. It is a cloud-based digital marketing provider that offers email marketing, lead-to-revenue management and mobile engagement solutions. The connector allows to personalize content based on powerful scoring models aggregated by the visitor's behavior.


Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following dependency to your bundle:

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  • Please follow  XML API Developer guide (link requires you to log in with your IBM Marketing Cloud account):
    • Authentication with the APIs 
      • Authentication Method: OAuth 2.0 Granted Access 
        • Getting Started with OAuth in Engage
  • Edit the configuration of the node /modules/silverpop/config with the Configuration app:









Web tracking

IBM Marketing Cloud connector uses the Marketing Tags module to insert tracking javascript into pages. Go to http://localhost:8080/magnoliaPublic/.magnolia/admincentral#app:marketing-tags:detail;/Silverpop:edit to adjust the scripts for your instance (https://engage[x], section Web Tracking Settings ).


The module contains two traits for Personalization module. Those are able to retrieve information from the IBM Marketing Cloud

  • Recipient column value: you can set a regular expression to match a certain column of the recipient.

  • You can also use a regular expression for Contact scores trait.

You need to set the ID of the database from which you want to retrieve information. To enable detecting traits edit node /server/filters/SilverpopTraitsDetectorFilter with configuration app accordingly:










External forms

IBM Marketing Cloud connector uses the External Forms module to show forms created from Silverpop's databases. To check your configuration:

  1. Create a database in your https://engage[x] if you don't have any.
  2. Go to the sample page http://localhost:8080/magnoliaAuthor/.magnolia/admincentral#app:pages:detail;/travel/subscribe:edit
  3. Edit the external form component. 
  4. Choose Silverpop as external form.
  5. Choose a database from Silverpop.
  6. The form should be rendered from all columns of the chosen database.
  7. Add a field to the database from the Silverpop admin central.
  8. Go to http://localhost:8080/ magnoliaAuthor/travel/subscribe.html. Your new field should be displayed.
  9. You probably don't want to show all the field of the database such as system ones and want to change the order of field on the page:
    1. Create a selection field called LAYOUT in the database.
    2. Add the desired field names as values for selection.
  10. Activate the page to the public instance.
  11. Go to the activated page, fill in some fields (http://localhost:8080/magnoliaPublic/travel/subscribe.html) and submit.
  12. Information will be stored in Silverpop.
  13. User identification:
    1. If the web tracking javascript is enabled and your browser allows to store cookies. Your submitted information should be pre-filled if you revisit the subscription page. You can change values and resubmit.
    2. Alternatively, you can allow login with email/password if you want to allow users to be logged in from another computers, mobiles...
      1. Add a field called PASSWORD to the Silverpop database.
      2. Set the databaseId against which you want to run authentication. This should be the same database as the one defined for the SilverpopTraitsDetectorFilter











      3. Go to the subscription page. Password and Password confirmation fields should be there.
      4. Fill the password and submit the form.
      5. You should now be able to log in with email/password: http://localhost:8080/magnoliaPublic/travel/subscribe/login.html.
      6. The password login has precedence to cookie identification.


You are able to publish pages from Magnolia to IBM Marketing Cloud as mailing template:

  1. Go to the pages app.
  2. Choose a page to be send (e.g. a newsletter). This page has to be already published to a public instance.
  3. Click the Preview page action. 
  4. Click the Publish to Silverpop action.
  5. Fill the information. Links source is the domain or subscriber url from which should be the page requested.
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. You can send the published page to a Silverpop contact list:
      1. Click the Send from Silverpop action.
      2. Optionally choose a schedule date. If not specified, the mail will be send immediately.
      3. Confirm.

Read more

  • XML API Developer’s Guide ENGAGE, Copyright Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved. You should have access to this via your IBM Marketing Cloud account.
  • Silverpop Support portal 
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