The Enterprise Edition requires a license to run. You will receive a license key from Magnolia International with your purchase. Enter the key into the system when installing Magnolia. You can also update the key in configuration later.

Magnolia 4 licenses do not work in Magnolia 5.

Editions and licenses

Magnolia is available in three editions:

  • Community Edition. Free. Open-source GPLv3 license. Limited to one subscriber.
  • Enterprise Edition Standard. Requires an EE license. Includes all Community Edition features plus Enterprise features.
  • Enterprise Edition Professional. Requires an EE Pro license. Includes all EE Standard features plus some specific features.

Contact Sales for pricing information. 


Try Magnolia CMS on-premises or in the cloud. Download our open source community edition for free or apply for time-limited trials of our enterprise offers.

Buying a license

Contact us to buy an Enterprise Edition license.

Requesting license key renewal

If your license key has expired, send mail to and request a new key.


Hello Magnolia,
Please send me a renewed license key.
- License owner's name: 
- License owner's email address: 
- Company name: 
- Phone: 

Checking license details

Open the About Magnolia app to check your license details.

Updating a license key

To update the license key:

  1. Open the Configuration app.
  2. Go to /modules/enterprise/license.
  3. Enter the license key in the key property. Make sure the key is on one line. Remove line breaks before you paste the key.
  4. Enter the registered email address in the owner property. Email is case sensitive. If you registered as then will not work.

There is no need to restart Magnolia for the new license to take effect.

Enter the license key manually into all your Magnolia instances, including public instances. The key cannot be activated from author to public.

The license owner's email address is encoded into the registration key. If you change your email address and get a new key, change the address also in /modules/enterprise/license/owner

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