To log into AdminCentral, go to:

  • Author instance - http://localhost:8080/magnoliaAuthor/.magnolia/admincentral
  • Public instance - http://localhost:8080/magnoliaPublic/.magnolia/admincentral

The generic form of the URL is http://<domain>:[<port>]/<contextPath>/.magnolia. It may be different on your system.

Session Timeout After user Inactivity

The session timeout defines the allowed time of inactivity after which the user must login again. The session timeout for the Magnolia AdminCentral is bound to the session timeout of the underlying servlet container. 

For instance on a Tomcat server the session timeout is configured per web application in the web.xml and looks like this:

  <session-timeout>30</session-timeout><!-- in minutes -->

Demo user accounts






Full access. Equivalent to root account on Unix systems.



Editor. Can add and edit content and start a publishing process.



Publisher. Can only read content and approve publications.

Superuser is the admin account that has access to everything. Accounts eric and peter are created by the travel demo. If you can't log in as eric or peter, log in as superuser and create users for your site.

Accounts are automatically locked out after N+1 failed login attempts, where N is a number configurable at Configuration > /server/security/userManagers/[admin|system]@maxFailedLoginAttempts.

Demo site

With Magnolia you typically get an example travel demo site. It showcases essential features. The demo is also available online at

The demo is reset every 30 minutes. We recommend that you download install your own copy Magnolia so you won't lose your work.

Removing the Welcome page

The Welcome to Magnolia page at localhost:8080 is an index page that contains helpful links to the author and public instances. Remove the Welcome page when users on your site learn or bookmark the direct URLs. Do not deploy the Welcome page to production.

To remove the Welcome page:

  1. In AdminCentral go to Configuration > /modules/adminInterface/pages.
  2. Delete the quickstart node.
  3. On the file system, go to /<CATALINA_HOME>/webapps/ROOT.
  4. Delete the index.html file.

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