Magnolia 5.4 reached end of life on November 15, 2018. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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With Magnolia "front-end development" we are referring to the most common task on most web projects: developing templates to generate the actual HTML of the projects. The links below point to information about working with Magnolia specifically as a front-end developer. 

We assume you already have Magnolia up and running.


Light development in Magnolia: Learn how to work with Magnolia without Java programming skills.

Modules : Magnolia projects are built out of modules, learn about the different kinds of modules and their structure.

YAML: Learn about using YAML to configure Magnolia. Spaces are important.

Introduction to templating: Magnolia templating mechanism explained.


Hello Magnolia: Create a simple template in Magnolia. 

Creating a website with Magnolia: Create a website with Magnolia, including the creation of a light module.

Also check out the new front-end developer training courses offered by Magnolia!


Magnolia CLI : Magnolia command line interface (CLI) is an  npm  package providing a CLI tool to setup and facilitate light development with Magnolia.

Create light modules: Create and use a fully-functional template module.

Web resources: Access CSS, JS and other web resources.

Magnolia templating kit: Use these templates as they are or to gain inspiration to create your own.

Define template definitions: Define your blueprints for creating pages, areas and components.

Scripts and functions: Write template scripts and work with templating functions.

Define dialogs:  Define the editable content properties of your templates.

Work with images: All about storage and rendering.

REST: Access Magnolia content using REST.

Additional resources

Cotoolz: IDE add-on which validates input and assists when editing YAML.