Personalization refers to adapting content to a particular user according to his or her personal preferences, needs and capabilities. In order to do so, you first select a set of traits of a visitor or a visit, then compose rules using these traits to define what content is presented to which visitors and when.


Magnolia's Personalization feature consist of the following modules.

  • Integration: Core personalization support for creating page variants and fields for selecting traits and audiences.

  • Components: Support for creating component variants. (warning) EE Pro 5.4.9+

  • Traits: Example traits country, date, cookie and visitor.
  • Preview app: App for testing content delivery by impersonating a visitor.
  • Segmentation app: App for grouping visitors into segments.
  • Personas app: App for creating hypothetical visitors who represent your target audience.
  • Samples: Example personas and segments.


Maven is the easiest way to install the modules. Add the following dependencies to your bundle:

Pre-built jars are also available for download. See Installing a module for help.


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