The Resource Files app displays resources such as CSS files, JavaScript files, template scripts and YAML configuration files. The app shows where the resource is loaded from (origin): classpath (JARs), file system or JCR resources workspace. You can use the app to edit resources in the JCR resources workspace and do hotfixes.

Filter classpath by modules

The Resource Files app displays resources from all origins by default. Check the Hide files on classpath outside modules box to exclude resources that are outside of registered Magnolia Maven modules.

 Displayed when
Resource originUnfilteredFiltered
File system(tick)(tick)
JCR resources workspace(tick)(tick)
Classpath of Magnolia Maven modules*(tick)(tick)
Classpath of any JAR file(tick)(minus)

*) Magnolia Maven modules have a module descriptor. Magnolia keeps track of all paths under src/main/resources of Magnolia Maven modules. In the filtered view only classpath files matching a path of Magnolia Maven modules are displayed.


See Resource Files app.

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