A template script defines the output, typically HTML, and is interpreted by a 
$webResourceManager.requireResource("info.magnolia.sys.confluence.artifact-info-plugin:javadoc-resource-macro-resources") Renderer
. The script is written in a templating language such as FreeMarker or JSP.

A template script is a mixture of:

  • Static markup
  • Dynamically assigned values provided byTemplatingFunctions and other convenience helpers
  • Content references


At Magnolia, we prefer FreeMarker for its flexibility, clean syntax and practical error reporting.

Magnolia 5.4 includes FreeMarker version 2.3.21. You can use the .version special variable in a template to check this.

If you are not familiar with FreeMarker, these links will get you started:

For further information about how to use Freemarker in the Magnolia context, also read:

#trackbackRdf ($trackbackUtils.getContentIdentifier($page) $page.title $trackbackUtils.getPingUrl($page))