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Time zone is a locale parameter whose setting has an effect on the content of, for instance, the date field before any date is entered in it. The field shows a pseudo-placeholder text that changes according to the actual (user's) time zone setting, compare:


Quite naturally, two different English-speaking editors, one working in London and the other one in Berlin, will want to use their local times in many applications of such a field. The London user will prefer thinking and working in Greenwich Mean Time, while the Berliner in Central European Time.

In addition, the form of the time zone placeholder depends not only the time zone setting, but also on the language setting. If the preferred working language of the editor in Berlin were German rather than English, the hint could show MEZ (abbrev. of Mitteleuropäische Zeit) instead of CET (abbrev. of Central European Time). 

Changing the time zone in the AdminCentral

The default time zone of the AdminCentral is set via the getDefault method of the java.util.TimeZone class, which creates a time zone based on the time zone where the server is running. 

All content in Magnolia is stored in the default time zone. By changing the time zone you only control how the default time zone is rendered in the UI.

You may change the way time zone is displayed in the UI through the Edit user profile dialog. To change it, open the pull down menu in the top right corner of the browser window and click the first row of the menu. On the Preferences tab, choose a timezone in the Time zone field:

 The new time zone setting will be applied the next time you log in into the AdminCentral.

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