Magnolia 5.5 reached end of life on November 15, 2019. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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The Preview app allows you to test personalized content. You can impersonate a visitor to verify that the correct page variant is served. The impersonated visitor can be a persona or a mix of local traits. The Preview app looks just like the preview in the Pages app but it has a sidebar for selecting the persona and traits.


The Preview app is configured in Configuration > /modules/personalization-preview-app.

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previewParameterPrefixURL parameters used for personalization have a special prefix that sets them apart from other parameters. The previewParameterPrefix identifies a parameter as a preview parameter. When you choose a persona or traits in the Preview app, Magnolia appends your choices as parameters to the page URL. You can test variant delivery also by typing the parameter in the browser address bar yourself. The default prefix is preview, for example  previewPersona  or previewCountry.
personaParameterNameA URL parameter that identifies the persona. Magnolia sets the parameter value to the name of the persona you select in the Preview app. The default parameter name is persona, for example previewPersona=/Peter-Klang

Example: Previewing a page as Peter Klang (persona) on June 18, 2015 in the Preview app. Multiple parameters are separated with colon (:) in the Preview app and with ampersand (&) if you request the published page.



To preview a page variant:

  1. Open the Preview app.
  2. In the Preview app, go to a page that has a variant. If the original page is served instead of the variant this is probably because you are impersonating an anonymous user by default. The anonymous user likely does not match the audience of the variant.
  3. Select a persona that matches the audience or select local traits that match the audience. The variant is now served.

See My first personalized campaign for a full hands-on tutorial that includes previewing page variants.