The App Switcher module lets you switch between running apps in AdminCentral with keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift.


Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:


Pre-built JARs are also available for download. See Installing a module for help.


Press Alt+Shift to cycle through currently running apps. Hold down the Alt key and press Shift repeatedly to move the selection to the right. When you release the Alt key, the application that is selected is brought to the foreground in AdminCentral.

App Switcher works similarly to the Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Tab key combinations used to cycle through applications in an operating system. The App Switcher brings the same functionality to the AdminCentral user interface.

You can also move the selection in either direction by holding down Alt key and pressing the or keys or clicking the app icon with the mouse.


Set the keyboard shortcut in Configuration > /modules/appswitcher/config/shortcut. Default is alt+shift. Enter a value in a human readable format such as ctrl+shift or alt+1

Node nameValue








optional, default is alt+shift

Human readable value such as ctrl+shift defining the shortcut.

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