It is hard to read white text on yellow background. Choose a safe app group color from the Magnolia palette.

The App launcher is the first page you see when you log into Magnolia. The launcher displays apps as boxes – also known as the app launcher tiles. A click on a tile will launch the associated app. Each tile has an icon and a label. The apps that have something in common belong to the same group.

Choose the app group color carefully. Not all colors work well together. The Magnolia color palette provides five primary colors that work well on the green background and white text. You can't go wrong with these colors.







App groups at the top are reserved for Magnolia's native apps. You should add your own app group at the bottom. However, if your organization uses your own app group very often, elevate it to the top by setting the  permanent property to true. This means the app group is always open and its apps are quickly accessible.

(tick) Good contrast with gray group and white text.

(error) Poor contrast with yellow group and white text.



  • Choose your app group color from the Magnolia safe color palette.


  • Put your own app group at the bottom unless a group in your organization needs quick access to its apps on a daily basis.
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