In this tutorial you create a website with Magnolia. You learn how to create templates and how to display content from a content app. You can use front-end developer tools; no need for Java. We assume that you know the basics of Magnolia which are explained in Hello Magnolia.


Eric loves cars. He can't afford a big collection of real cars but besides having a Citroën 2CV he collects car photos and trivia about classic cars. Eric wants to create a website to share his interest.

Getting the files

In this tutorial you need to create some files. The files are available for download but we recommend that you create them by hand – it's a better way to learn. But download them anyway. It helps to have a complete version to look up when required.

Option 1: Git clone

Clone the project if you are familiar with Git. Use a terminal, go to a directory of your choice, and clone:

git clone

Option 2: Download zip files

The following pages explain what the zip files are used for.

Next: Installing Magnolia and a content app

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