This pages matters only if you define your app via JCR configuration. Since Magnolia 5.4 you can define an app with a YAML file too - see App descriptor. If you define the app via YAML - the configuration can be part of a light module or in the resources folder of  Magnolia Maven module - see Module structure.

Bootstrapping app configuration

To package your app for deployment:

  1. Add an apps folder under your module configuration.
  2. Under apps, add a content node and name it after your app name, for example helloworld.
  3. Under the app content node, create the app properties and set their values.
  4. Export the app configuration into XML and include it in your bootstrap files so that it is installed when the module is installed.

See App descriptor for an example.

Bootstrapping the App launcher layout

To make your app icon available in the App launcher:

  1. Add the app to an existing group in the Apps launcher layout or create a new group for it.
  2. Export the app launcher configuration into XML and include it in your bootstrap files.
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