The amount disk space required for a Magnolia instance depends on what data you store and how many versions of content you keep. Today, marketing oriented websites use a lot of images and video. It is not uncommon for such a website to have 5-10 GB of Web content.

Best practice

We recommend that you allocate at least 50 GB of disk space for an author instance and 25 GB for a public instance.

Example calculation:

What takes space?GB
Total website content including assets such as images and videos.5
Magnolia and Tomcat systems.0.5
Cached content, assuming cache is 70% full.3.5
Site is served in two languages. The other language is also cached.3.5

Content is indexed for search. A compressed index is 20% of the original data size.

Logs: access, audit, error5
Temporary storage for streaming large files5
Total for a public instance23.5
Versioning on author instance, assuming 30% of content is versioned 20 times.30
Total for an author instance53.5

Adjust the numbers to your needs.

  • Is your site smaller?
  • Is your database on the same machine as the application server? You can also persist data to a remote database.
  • Have you switched off versioning?

There are many options for reducing the space required. However, assume that you need up to 50 GB of space out of the box.

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