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This page explains how to retrieve the light development changes pushed to the remote Git repository linked to your cloud-based Magnolia subscription package and install them in the Integration environment. If your subscription package offers all the available cloud environments, after the changes have been tested in the Integration environment, they can be included in a release and promoted to the UAT environment, and then to the Live environment. 

You cannot install a snapshot or a release until you have set up a new environment.

Depending on your subscription package, the environments available to you may differ. For example, you may have only a Live environment available. In this case, the Install a development snapshot operation described below can be carried out directly on the Live environment.

Install a snapshot

  1. In Installed releases click Install an update.
  2. Click  Install a development snapshot.
  3. Select the Git Tag you want to retrieve from the drop down or check the Latest commit option. 
  4. Click Install to pull changes from the Git repository and apply them to the Integration environment. 

    This action appears in the activity log and a notification banner is displayed.

    In Package overview, the icon associated with the snapshot will change to a branching icon. Placing the mouse pointer over the icon will show a tooltip containing the essential information about the snapshot:

Test changes

To check that the snapshot has been installed correctly:

  • Click Edit content in the Author space of the Integration environment.
  • Log in to Magnolia and check that the updates included in the snapshot are present. For example, if the snapshot contains updated resource files go to Web Dev > Resource Files to check that the updates ar e there.

Always avoid hotfixing problems in the Resources app because the changes are not propagated back to your GIT repository.


* Defining a release