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  1. The Stories app seems to be missing in this overview.

  2. Dear Niels,

    the Stories app is in fact a submodule of the Content editor module, see here Content Editor module: Module structure, so that's why we do not list it here separately.



  3. Perhaps a question with an obvious answer about the version numbering of modules.

    When I select Magnolia branch 5. 6 the contacts module shows version 1.6.

    Does this mean that this Contacts Version 1.6 is compatible (and tested) with Magnolia 5.6 ?

    1. Frank Messie

      Basically yes.

      All modules that are bundled are tested together with the modules with which they are bundled. (öhm ... I hope that was understandable).

      Also note that for every major branch - 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and soon 5.7 - we also release minor versions.
      In a minor release - also named maintenance release -  typically the Magnolia bundle versions are raised - and typically for some but usually not all bundled modules the versions are raised too.
      If you want to know the vesions precisely - check the BOM file of the bundle in the exact version you are interested in.

      1. BOM file of the CE bundle 5.6.6
      2. BOM file of the EE bundle of 5.6.6

      Note that the EE BOM inherits from the CE BOM of the same version. And for the EE BOM you may lack the permission.
      BOM files of all versions are on our GIT repository. Every release is "tagged" with a GIT tag.

      I hope this helps,