The Pages app allows you to build complete web pages. This tool gives editors most freedom to order, organize and lay out content elements as they wish through the use of different templates. If you need more control over the content entry process more, choose a content app or Stories app instead.

In the Pages app, you enter content directly onto the page. You can also render content that comes from another Magnolia app. The Pages app displays the site as a tree. In the tree you can create new pages and create a site structure. The site hierarchy translates into navigation automatically.



The Pages app is installed by the Pages module. The app is based on the content app framework so its configuration is typical of any content app. The framework is extended to provide the additional functionality. The app is configured at Configuration > /modules/pages/apps/pages.

Node name






The Pages app operates on the website workspace. The website workspace stores the site pages and their content.

Node types

The Pages app operates on the custom mgnl:page node type and on folders. 

Using the app

See Authoring on how to use the Pages app.

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